Allnano Ceramic Coat


Carcare Ceramic Coat – it‘s an innovative product, specifically designed to coat carpaint and polymer surfaces, and last longer than traditional carpaint sealants. Newly designed formula provides strong shield, featuring long-lasting chemical/UV resistance, deep gloss and 9H hardness.


  • Longer remain clean;
  • Will become more resistant to scratches;
  • Will take a long-term protection against UV, acids, alkalis, salts;
  • Will gain a healthy, deep gloss lacquer




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Our weather can be harsh and stormy, in roads used salt mixtures, witch could harm our car bodys. For these reasons the product is designed for.  It creates an excellent protection, care of the car body durability.

The special formula allows the surface to create a strong and dense protective layer that protects not only from the salt, but also from bird droppings, acid rain and UV rays.

Use instruction and tips:

  • Wash the car before using the product.
  • Do not use any silicone, wax on preparation of coating .
  • The surface must be thoroughly degreased and completely dry.
  • It must be protected from water and dirt after coating at least 6hrs, the body must facing harden to max protection.


  • 5-10 ml to 1 m2.

Product protect your car:

  • 12 – 24 months.

Additional information


40 ml set, 250 ml set


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