Hendlex Ceramic Shield NC9


HENDLEX Ceramic Shield NC9 is 9h nano paint sealant and plastic protection layer.

  • PROTECTION FROM SCRATCHES | Enhances the hardness of the surface by creating additional protection against minor scratches.
  • HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES | Provides the surface with very strong hydrophobic properties and with the “easy cleaning effect”. The angle of a contact with water is more than 100 degrees therefore the surface remains clean for much longer period of time.
  • ANTI DUST, ANTI RUST | Protects the surface from environmental impacts, such as acids, alkalis (resistant to pH2-pH13), road salts and UV rays. It also protects the surface from aging and provides it with additional protection from corrosion.
  • TESTED 9H HARDNESS | Hendlex 9h Ceramic Pro Coating Enhances the hardness of the surface by creating film additional car paint protection against minor scratches.
  • SUITABLE FOR CAR PAINT AND PLASTIC | Hendlex nano car paint sealant removes the holograms, protect paint and plastic
  • SUPER HYDROPHOBIC PROPERTIES | Provides the surface with very strong hydrophobic properties and with the “easy cleaning effect”
  • HIGHLIGHTS COLOR AND SHINE | Significantly highlights the color of paint and provides it with greater shine. Ceramic car coating does not attract dust.




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Preparation of surface.

If car is waxed, remove wax using HENDLEX Wax Remover. Wash the car carefully. Make sure there is no washing products (shampoo, dirt solvent) left on the surface. It is recommended to coat polished surface of a car if you want to get a better result. If you have polished the car, make sure to wash it again. Make sure there is no water left in the spaces between the car parts. It is recommended to remove the remaining water using the compressed air jet. It is also recommended to remove dirt and fat using HENDLEX Paint Prepare.

Coating of surface.

Do not apply the coating in direct sunlight. Proper temperature for coating is from 5 °C to 25 °C. While coating, use the gloves that are in the set. Hold the applicator by the solid part. Put the application cloth onto the soft part of the applicator (non-woven fiber cloth). Open the bottle and wet the application cloth in different spots. Cover the surface evenly; make sure that you did not leave uncovered spots. It is recommended to cover the area of 80×80 cm at the time. If the temperature is higher than 25 °C, cover the smaller area. Cover no more than 1 m2 with one non-woven fiber cloth. The surface must be polished in 20 seconds after coverage because it hardens very quickly. If the surface gets into contact with water, immediately clean it and repeat the coating.

Continue coating areas up to 80x80cm until the full surface of the car is covered. After covering each area, polish it again with micro fiber cloth and make sure there are no unpolished spot left. If there is an unpolished spot and it does not get polished with any effort, use paint polishing paste or 2000 granular sandpaper. Cleaned area must be covered again.


It is recommended to keep the surface in higher than 18 °C temperature for 24 hours and prevent it from getting into contact with water. Depending on the temperature of the environment, the coating fully hardens in 48-72 hours.

Covered area:

40 ml – 8 m2


Additional information

Weight0.300 kg
Dimensions160 × 115 × 35 cm
Hendlex Ceramic Shield NC9

40 ml, 200 ml


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