Hendlex Cabrio Protect


Hendlex Cabrio Protect is hydrophobic waterproof water repelling protective nano coating for convertible roof cabriolet cars.

  • FOR ALL CABRIO ROOFS | Suitable for car roof soft tops, fabric and vinyl convertible top, tent protection and care
  • WATER RESISTANT | Ensures all incoming water and mud simply bead up on the surface and roll off without leaving a trace or soaking in ( hydrophobic waterproofing coating)
  • DO NOT CHANGE COLOR | Does not alter the color, doesn’t leave a wet surface effect, surface remains breathable, restorer and highlight surface color
  • NANO PROTECT FROM STAINS FORMING | Protection dressing gains hydrophobic (water repelling) and oleo phobic (oil repelling) properties which help to keep material clean
  • SELF-CLEANING | This nano sealant treatment gives long lasting and waterproof self-cleaning effect that keeps your convertible soft-top for longer.



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Preparation of surface and usage of product: 

the surface must be completely clean, dry and free from grease or oil. Shake well and spray evenly distributed on the surface. Wait until surface will get dry.


Once the product has been applied for 4 hours the surface should not come into contact with water. Suitable coating temperature +5°C – +40°C. Do not use it in a higher or lower temperature! Keep container tightly closed. Keep Container protected from direct sunlight and frost.

Covered area:

the 200 ml can cover 2-5 m2 depending on the surface.


200 ml

Additional information

Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 22 cm


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