Hendlex Glass Pro


HENDLEX Glass PRO is long lasting invisible nano hydrophobic coating windshield window rain protection water repellent auto sealant.

  • SUPER HYDROPHOBIC | This nano protective layer give your glass, window or windshield extremely water repellent properties (super hydrophobic).
  • TOTALLY INVISIBLE | Does not change color of auto glass and is completely transparent and invisible protection
  • RAIN REPELLENT | With this glass treatment at speed above 70 km/h, wipers are almost unnecessary because rain just roll of windshield form this invisible sealant, it increases safety on the road
  • BUG AND FROST PROTECTION | Also glass guard pro coating secure your car glass from scratches, UV rays, road chemicals. Cleaning become easier from bugs in summer, ice or other dirt in winter
  • LAST 3 TIME LONGER | Long lasting glass nano coating (lasts more than 12 months)





Preparation of surface:

  • surface has to be clean, dry and oil, grease free. If glass is waxed, clean it with Hendlex Wax Remover. It is recommended to clean glass with Hendlex paint prepare before coating.

Usage of product:

  • Using special application cloth buff coating into the surface
  • Repeat buffing process several times without using additional coating
  • Wait for 5 minutes and polish the surface with cloth
  • Application temperature should be more than +5⁰C.
  • Protect surface for 4 hours from water.


  • Do not apply coating on direct sunlight.
  • Do not use windscreen washing liquid with alcohol, because it reduces coating life time

Covered area:

  • 50 ml covers up to 10 m2 surface area.

Additional information

Weight0.150 kg
Hendlex Glass PRO

50 ml

Hendlex Paint Prepare

None, 50 ml, 200 ml


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