Allnano Carcare Metalshield


AllNano Carcare Metalshield – is an agent providing the aluminium car rim wheels with hydrophobic properties from all external stimuli, as well as the blaze for more than one year.


  • Have EasyClean function to protect against external dirt, mud, insects, salt, snow.
  • Completely transparent cover will keep your car glow, even in bed weather conditions
  • Protection the body from scratches
  • Resistance to UV rays, chemical material, abrasion, temperature changes and ensures long-life



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The box contains:

  • AllNano Carcare Metalshield 40ml
  • Nano cleaner
  • Microfibre Cloth
  • Footpads Coating
  • Protective Gloves
  • Instruction(English, Russian if need)

This tool gives car body and aluminum wheels hydrophobic properties of all posible external stimuli for a few years.

Use instruction and tips:

  • The surface must be completely clean, dry and not greasy.
  • Recommended coating by polishing, but excellent results can be obtained using Microfibre Cloth in a circular motion applying the product
  • EasyClean function, hydrophobicity and resistance to chemical material. appears after 24 hours or at times when surface fully got dry.
  • Impregnated are spraying on surface until material got wet.
  • Do not use below + 2 ° C

Product yield:

  • about 5-10ml per square meter.

Additional information

Weight0.200 kg


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