Hendlex Textile


Hendlex Textile is hydrophobic dirt water repellent waterproof spray for clothes, footwear shoes for car seats and any type textile protective nano coating


  • UNIVERSAL USE | Suitable for all types of outdoor and indoor fabric clothing, upholstery, textile shoes, clothes and furniture
  • WATERPROOF PROPERTIES | Gives treated surfaces nanotechnology water resistant, hydrophobic water repellent and dirt, oil repelling features. Protector prevents stains from forming
  • PREVENT STAIN FORMING | Covered with this product, surface stays clean for a long time: coffee, grease, water stains do not soak into the Nano-protected surface, they are easy to clean using cloth.
  • DO NOT CHANGE MATERIAL COLOR | Nano coating does not alter the colour, doesn’t leave a wet surface effect
  • MATERIAL REMAINS BREATHABLE, HAS NO SMELL | There is no trace of the product on the covered surface; the product spray has no smell, it does not contain silicone, so the coated surface appears dull and does not have wet surface effect



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Preparation of surface and usage of product

the surface must be completely clean, dry and free from grease or oil. Shake well and spray evenly distributed on the surface. Wait until surface will get dry.


Once the product has been applied for 4 hours the surface should not come into contact with water. Suitable coating temperature +5°C – +40°C. Do not use it in a higher or lower temperature! Keep container tightly closed. Keep Container protected from direct sunlight and frost.

Covered area

200 ml can cover 2-5 m2 depending on the surface.


200 ml


Additional information

Weight0.250 kg
Dimensions7 × 7 × 22 cm


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