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Nano Dry Shoes is an agent for the footwear, but especially recommended for textile surfaces, suede, suede leather and etc. Provides incredible resistance to water, snow, salt, as well as oily liquids and other types of mud and dirt. Durability up to 2 years.

Using Nano Dry Shoes, your footwear is protected by a shield of nano particles, but, unlike other impregnants, the shield is permeable to air and allows the fabric to breathe. In case of contact with water or dirt, the shoe surface contains some drops which run down from the surface, leaving it completely dry.



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The surface must be completely clean, non-greasy and dry. Impregnate by spraying the product on a cloth by wetting it. Easyclean function, hydrophobicity and resistance to chemicals of the product display in 24 hours or after the cloth completely dried out.


  • about 20ml per square meter.


  • up to 2 years


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