Allnano Homeshine Kitchen and Stainless Steel


This is a tool that can easily remove a surface dirt, grease stains, baked-on food, various liquids and etc. Especially suited for kitchen tabletops, tables, stainless steel surfaces (gas-stoves, water taps, sinks, fridges and etc.). It will be very easier to maintain kitchen furniture and equipment, the surfaces will gain rich color. Resistance to UV radiation, chemical substances, friction and temperature changes guarantee durability. After covering the surface, this coating will serve you for many years.



Especially suited for kitchen:

  • tabletops
  • tables
  • stainless steel surfaces (gas-stoves, water taps, sinks, fridges and etc.).


The surface should be completely clean, dry and non-greasy. First of all, clean the surfaces with Nano Cleaner and dry with microfiber cloth. Then use the non-woven cloth to cover the surface and immediately polish it with the microfiber cloth in order to remove the products surplus. Easyclean function, hydrophobicity and resistance to chemical substances occurs after 24 hours, but coated surface can be used immediately after application.

Yield: from 5ml to 10ml per square meter. Do not use below at a temperature +2°C. Substance contains ethanol, use a disposable gloves. It is advisable to not cover completely indoor, because ethanol can cause dizziness.

Use instruction and tips:

  • The surface must be completely clean, dry and not greasy.
  • Coating the suface use Footpads and wear Protective Gloves, becose containing ethanol can cause irritation to the skin.
  • After coating wipe away the surplius of Nano Homeshine with Microfibre Cloth
  • EasyClean function, hydrophobicity and resistance to chemical material. Appears after 24 hours or at times when surface fully got dry.


  • Yield: about 5ml – 10ml per square meter.


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