Tufoil Engine Treatment



  • The Guinness Book of Records proclaimed Tufoil to be “The World’s Most Efficient Lubricant”.
  • Tufoil achieved the greatest lubrication efficiency ever measured by U. S. Government Labs.
  • When the Canadian government tested Tufoil at their cold-regions lab, they reported a 10% increase in cranking speed and a 5% increase in gas mileage.
  • Faster cranking speed under all weather conditions.
  • Better gas mileage
  • Increased horsepower and acceleration
  • Extended engine life.


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When Tufoil engine lubricant mixes with your engine oil, two things happen.

  1. Your oil is changed into a highly efficient engine treatment with an extremely low surface friction.
  2. As your engine runs, this Tufoil-enhanced oil coats your engine, filling in the “nooks and crannies”.

Now all the moving parts of your engine can glide against each other without causing deadly heat friction. The results are impressive

Tufoil Engine Treatment will keep your car or boat running so efficiently you can  literally double the life of your engine. Efficiently running engines use less gas,  need fewer repairs, run smoother and quieter and last a very long time.  The National Bureau of Standards tested Tufoil Engine Treatment and reported their findings:  Tufoil has a surface friction so low, it is the most slippery substance known to man!
Tufoil is recommended for use with both conventional and synthetic motor oil in either gas or diesel engines. In its 20 years of lubricant leadership, Tufoil has been tested by the U.S. government, leading technical institutes, and engine test laboratories around the world. The results show that Tufoil’s patented technology produces the lowest friction and wear of any known lubricant. Tufoil Engine Treatment, added during oil changes, provides motor oil with the performance enhancement to make engines start easier, run cooler, produce more horsepower, increase gas mileage, and ultimately extend the life of the engine.

Always follow the vehicle manufacturer’s recommended oil change intervals. For initial treatment, add an 8 oz. bottle of Tufoil to a 4-5 quart capacity crankcase or 2 oz. per quart of motor oil. Foe all subsequent oil changes, at least 4 oz. added to motor oil ( 4-5 quarts) will maintain effectiveness. New car should be driven for 5,000 miles to wear in an seat the rings before you start using Tufoil. Tufoil is completely compatible with conventional or synthetic motor oils in gasoline or diesel engines.



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