Soll Backlight Varnish 150 ml


Special paint with glazing effect for varnish re-colouring of front, rear and side lights, wind deflectors, glass panes, glass, metal, wood objects, lamps, neon lights, ceramics etc.

– Varnishing, top quality special product.
– Very easy running.
– Very economic.
– High level of solid matter.
– Rapid tack-drying.
– Good drying properties.
– Scratch resistant.
– Very weather resistant.



Before usage, clean the surface thoroughly, remove rust and sand down. Shake can for at least 2 minutes. Test spray to check compatibility and colour tone. Spray crosswise in thin layers. Spraying distance approx. 25 cm. Touch-dry after approx. 20 minutes, thoroughly dry after 12 hours.

· Not permitted within the scope of the road traffic regulations!

· Do not spray on surfaces coated with synthetic resins as the paint may lift.

· Observe the note and instructions on the can label.


Product information SOLL backlight varnish [EN]

Product information SOLL backlight varnish [RU]

Safety data sheet SOLL backlight varnish [EN]

Safety data sheet SOLL backlight varnish [RU]

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Weight0.250 kg
SOLL backlight varnish 150 ml

Black, Red


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